Education companies on a hiring spree to lure top talent

he educational sector is poised for a upward growth spurt.It is simultaneously changing the dynamics of hiring and is hitting the momentum very fast.


All the new age education companies are on a hiring spree which involves top talent and also knowledge acquisition.

What’s more these packages are hitting a crore so they are not complaining at all.At least 20 searches are lined up this month to in the newly emerging sector,various companies and other tech firms.


The top companies which are hiring are-
















There are the companies which are hiring the CXO’s.Simultaneously they are finding out new solutions and entering new geographies.


What is the current situation for the education industry?


The education industry is in its golden phase and it ready to take off drastically.


It will continue to be in the investment phase for the next two years.


However this wasn’t the same situation around 2 years ago and was also not feasible to enter in this phase as an investment option.


What is the scenario now?

Various consulting firms are now receiving various applications and requests for profiles such as the student acquisition lead,dean(online),vice-president,director.


Most of these are the VC funded.


The following trend has evolved only in the coming years.


The education e-commerce model is still in its nascent stage in India and will eventually evolve with the widespread usage of internet and mobility to new regions also.In the couple of months some new hires are also become the talk of the day with some new hires being recruited by top companies.


As the education sector is expanding there is a growing need for new roles,newer talent and of course innovation in the various fields where it should be a win-win situation.It is not just about new roles and technology but also about expanding in the various ares of operations also.


The hiring is also going to be for the HR,Marketing and technology divisions.Also the packages which are hired for the various companies are varied but nevertheless they are of very good salary.

The packages offered vary in the salary range of 80 lakh to around Rs.I crore as compared to a similar role in education in the traditional way.


The preparations are only scaling up and are being focused on a near hiring spree.A lot of senior level employees will be hired to streamline the process and be at focus at the same time.

Also efforts are being made to hire product managers which will bet big and at the same time focus on the giving a competitive edge to the competitors.

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