Pod casts set to rule the social media stage!

Pod casts are soon going to be the next big thing in the upcoming year due to its tremendous positive influence and various other uses.It can be used for audio,video,PDF and also e-Pub Files which can be subscribed and also download.

What’s more they are not just limited to all this.It can be used for a lot of simultaneous things such as

Music shows



And also a novel way to deliver the social media networking strategy.


Whether it is for personal use,professional use or seeking for any information having a podcast is a delight to use with.

The use of pod casts is continually increasing.Nearly around 68 million Americans have been listening to pod-casts on a very monthly basis.


Who are the people who are listening to pod-casts?


For most of the people they tend to be millenials.But slowly the trend is now shifting towards the Generation Z and Generation Y crowd.


What are the benefits of using a Podcast


They are convenient

After your subscribe to a podcast they automatically download it to your computer and are easily available when you want.What’s more you can listen to it whenever you want.


They are portable

You can transfer a podcast to a player or a take it whenever with you and transfer it to a personal media player such as the iPod.


It makes information personal

All the content which is in the podcast is communicated directly to you.You listen to it wither verbally or in the form of a video.This way there is more personal connect and an intimate touch to everything.


Pod-casts help in cutting the costs

As they are a digital medium they help in eliminating the costs incurred while for postage,printing and paper.Also they reduce the meeting costs and other email costs.


You can multitask

They are an easy media form but also you can listen to podcast while driving,travelling,walking,running,or while also riding a bike.


The need and the demand for pod casts is increasing

In the past 4-5 years the amount of people who listen to pod-casts is increasing continuously.It has come to nearly 24 percent from 12 percent from 2013.It has also served as a double celebration for ad industry.


Which are the popular genres of pod-casts?
















Due to popular different categories the pod casts genre is generating increasing revenue which has been grown in double digits.


Why has there been a spurt in podcast services?

Researchers have linked these pod casts services to the growth in the use of smart-phones,time spent while travelling,and listening to online music services. It not just provide audio-video visual stimulation but also it has a dual use for educational purposes.


Where do people normally listen to a podcast?

Driving,Travelling,Commuting and also while working out.

Podcast has now become a mainstream and a very accessible insight and in innovative way to engage with stories and ideas.

So pick up your next topic and get going with it.

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