Social Media trends to prepare for in 2018

This year there were a number of significant changes which took place in the social media sphere which were of paramount success and which involved people being on social media like never before.


Now as we bid goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018 there are some trends to watch out for the upcoming year.

This year social media is poised for an even more bigger social disruption as a new number of technological advancements.Social media is to go for a more disruptive and an amazing transformation and the changes are going to be positive for sure.


Increase in augmented reality

There will be significant rise in extraordinary augmented reality experiences.Apple recently announced that the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X will be devices which will be incorporated with a new chip which allows the phones to provide various users.While it will have a somewhat impact on mobile gaming it is predicted that the social media platforms will also find ways to incorporate new technology as well.


Insta will Rule

Increasing popularity of Instagram stories will be the new trending thing.Around almost 200 million people use Instagram stories and there are about 50 million more who use Snap chat and related stories.It means that Instagram will still rule the roost and make way for better campaigns.As a brand you should also be able to post an effective Instagram story and be in sync with the current trend.


Generation Z

A recent survey concluded among researchers was found that the Generation Z was found to be more valuable than the millennial.Today the oldest Generation Z are around 22 years old.They have just beginning to enter the labor force and marketers will have to shift their social media strategies accordingly.


Live Streaming

Live streaming is gaining much more prominence than any other social media trend.While once it only started of as a novel gimmick has now gained much more prominence.Today it does not matter how big or how small your brand is.Live streaming is a much more sought after and one of the most effective ways of reaching the message across your audience.


Messaging platforms will increase

Around 2.5 Billion people use messaging platforms daily and the use is now going to increase soon.Brands are expected to use their messaging platforms.Artificial chat bots,various voice assistants and also chat bots will enable various brands to offer personalized shopping experiences like Messenger.


Facebook will also go mainstream

Facebook is working on a new space called Spaces which is designed to allow friends to connect in VR.

Facebook already owns Oculus a hardware company.It is poised to scale the spaces in the year 2018.If this happens it will the first successful project of the year 2018 in the social media sphere.


A number of various social media trends will dominate the year 2018 and it will impact users and brands also.It is also likely that video streaming and virtual reality will go hand in hand and will also likely impact the overall social media scenario positively.





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