Amazon’s Christmas gift for its Consumers-

People during the holiday time are soon going to have a field in Milwaukee as Amazon fill up the shoppers needs right from potato chips to Christmas Sweaters within just two hours of delivery.


Amazon is cashing on this trend especially this Holiday season.As the Christmas pressure comes down on the retail giant Amazon wants its customers to know about their famous rapid delivery and also about their unique offers.


It has launched Prime now a rapid delivery shopping option.It also offers free shipping,free live streaming and videos.It is a hugely popular video streaming option and is helping Amazon build the retail landscape.


It was initially launched in Manhattan around 3 years ago and then it is slowly expanding its presence in around 30 cities. However as compared to the rest of the places and hubs in and around USA,the Milwaukee offers around 25,000 square feet of the area which is more than the typical size of a Walgreen store.

It is a highly maintained store with utmost cleanliness and also a lot of security measures.Also the use of cell phones is prohibited past the use of lobby.


The rattling wheels on carts is also prohibited as they move from one aisle to another.


What is more special about Amazon Prime


The two hour delivery is free which is exclusively for Prime Consumers with the orders totaling up-to $35 or more.

This hub gets plenty of delivery orders right from sweaters to electronic gadgets,Amazon video streaming sticks,salad dressing to cat food.According to the workers out there tare going to be popular items to shop from.

The biggest seller of all is the fruits category which is at the same time healthy,it is also a very cheap and the affordability makes it even more a needed commodity.



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