Walmart Store set for a revamp? Want to know how? Read on….

It is said that innovation is the key for a successful business and that if you want to stay on the top of the radar then it is even more important.It is important also to keep adding new customer as well as for your existing customers that you ensure you give them a service befitting to their expectations.


What’s in store for Walmart?


In sync with this ideology Walmart has introduced a personal shopping service for Busy New York moms with the aim of getting them know the product recommendations and make various purchases via only thorough text messaging.


The target customer for such a type of service will be the high net worth urban consumer who will come in the rich category which will basically be a rich city dweller.


What does this hold for the future of Walmart?


One of the major goal of this initiative is the creation of physical across the America and which would operate without any check lines and cashiers.This will be similar to Amazon’s futuristic online store whose announcement was made almost a year ago but still it is yet to open for the general public.


How ever there has been no official confirmation yet from the megastore.


Both these initiatives are in the prenatal stages and it is yet to be seen whether the initiatives will finally take of or not.

However they do mark a vision for the future to make a big leap in the industry and be a leader in the retail category.However business strategies may work or may not ,it will be very early to comment that whether they will work or not.


The personal shopping initiative is currently focused on only the health/beauty,household essentials,different apparels and accessories according to the job listing sites.


Products can be ordered by taking a photo of it or by simply texting it.


The Second innovation which is being developed by Walmart is to develop a store having no cashiers and it is also similar to the rough concept of Amazon’s store.

Looks like the future of Hi-tech shopping is inching closer.


It also has a new Project for the upcoming new stores called the Project Kepler.It uses advanced technology such as a computer vision to track various purchases and also buy the cash without the use of a traditional cashier.


Also it will likely charge for a membership fee for some of the code Eight’s new projects when they are coming out for the first time.

The Kepler project has been focused on the future of online shopping and in-store shopping which will prove to be a sort of tech wave for the future.


Walmart is of the view that many of the cashier would eliminate worldwide if a no cash system is introduced.Also the Project Kepler technology is also used in other formats which will also be used for the existing stores.






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