Twitter adds more verification options

Social media has become a by default part of our lives today. We cannot imagine social media not without our lives since we rely on every information on it and and our lives almost revolve around it.


Since a large amount of data is already stored in the data base feeds of Twitter and other social media networks it is important the these sites have a security certificate and have a good amount of security layers so that there is no misuse of data usage and the information processing is a smooth one.


What exactly does Twitter have in store?


It is gearing up for the most important security measure which is an important consumer security measure.

It is adding a two-factor authentication which is normally called 2 FA.It is an update to fully support third party apps.


What is the new feature all about?


The Twitter login verification feature also lets you depend on the apps like the Google Authentication Survey where before and after you have to input a code via a text message.


Why is this important?


This is important because although it is an individual phone number it is tied to it using static code and since because it is SMS based 2FA


This normally happens when an intruder wants to crack a malicious code or want to have a third party access to one or more alternative ways of viewing.


With Apps such as 2FA and Google Authenticator the code disappears in about 30 seconds.

Like this it is a more secure way of verifying your account and identifying any malicious code of conduct which can intrude in your computer and can hack the various systems in the computer.


But in such a case you will still need a phone number to set up the 2FA as it can be sometimes used for account discovery.


So to all those who want to have an extra layer of Twitter authentication please do as according to the twitter directive so that you account is secured and you have that extra layer of security on your profile.Because a little security from your side will go a long way in giving the much needed protection to your account.


Twitter Verification

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