Government may merge in The Make in India initiative with the Invest India campaign.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has embarked on a lot of new program me after attaining the office in the year 2014.Now after 3 years of his tenure he also put forth into practice a lot of initiatives which will be beneficial for the progress of India and which will help the overall economy to prosper.


What is the new initiative all about?

The Center is thinking of a new program me in a bid to attract foreign investment especially in manufacturing.According to the Center it will also institutionalize the various combined strengthens of its Make in India initiative and Invest in India program me.


Why has such a program me being carried out?

It would provide a big boost to attract more investments in the future which are included from the manufacturing sector and also which are from the overseas market.


The Make in India initiative was first unveiled in September 2014 to transform India into a global economic superpower.The Make in India initiative is the first step in this direction.It is also with a view to make INDIA into a global manufacturing and a design hub which will be highly beneficial for the country a as a whole.


The Make in India initiative has been upgraded to new sectors,new products and newer markets.A holistic and a unified approach is being adopted as there are going to be newer products to be added and also being considered for newer initiatives.


Next in the pipeline

The Government is also trying to improve its new start-up policy and it is to be seen that this policy will involve new start-ups also.


What could be the whole part of the new directive?


All the institutionalized efforts are there to strength the State’s initiative and keep in the mind the PM’S vision.


Also it was further noted that to go one step ahead the country needs to help the backward states because everything happens eventually at the state level.

Also the very initiative of Invest India is to identify the strength of each and every state so that they an go in for tie-ups in various countries and also attract a large amount investment over the time so that it is a huge booster to the economy as whole.

Also there is a need to hold regulator wise and sector wise contribution to create specific groups to create various technologies and also include social media to involve the feedback on the various policies.

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