Santa goes Digital !!!

Santa is one of the largest market for consumer goods at the time of Christmas! He is one marketing genius who knows his customer’s very well and has a penchant for the right marketing tool.Not only this,he has a perfect order rating and an efficient distribution channel which span across the world 24/7.He has door to door delivery with the lowest turn over rates.


Now-a-days preparing for delivery is very easy for many and also Santa and his workers.There have been a large part of efficient supply chain management and an increase in gifting especially around this part of the year.

But for this to happen retailers should have in-demand products at the time precisely when the consumers want something and the product is much in demand.


What is the present state of supply chain gifting?


Santa’s groundwork has brought us to an analysis of responsive on-demand supply chain.Today’s production for Christmas presents starts at a very high production stage.


But the trend is now totally shifting.Santa does not delivers now via the traditional way but accepts orders now online.Yes you can now friend SANTA online. But just be careful about you post online.

Let us take a look at how SANTA achieves this feat every year-


Focus on every type of customer-


Yes it is important that children are your most important customers but during Christmas everyone is a kid right? Who does not like to be one.There is a big demand this year for individualized products(especially t-shirts).Santa has started the new manufacturing and printing process.


Digitization is in-


Santa can now do a research that which products were in vogue and trending and which will be currently trending further.

He can also do a performance review of those products which were trending and which we liked by the largest number of audience.


Tracking is now available

If at all Santa’s gifts get lost while travelling then you also have the tracking option if the products get lost en route.Santa can now trace and track these items live.


He has gone hi-tech

Santa now leverages machine learning algorithms to efficiently plan and manufacture the presents in the most economical way and package them neatly to send to the required person.


Its IOT enabled

Yes Santa can now make use of the IOT platform to enable the use of technology.As he has got the record of every child in the world to make use of this technology and remain in the forefront.


The Supply chain of the future-

With the world’s population growing every single day and the choices and the demand increasing every single time it is but natural that Santa is now going to go digital.But at the same time Santa’s job is not going to get any simpler.It is on the other hand going to be much of a task in understanding people’s expectations and getting them the desired things.

Digital Santa

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