As Trump snubs off immigrants Trudeau’s new program of welcoming immigrants takes off.

Trumps ban of banning the immigrants from various countries especially India and the Middle east has been beneficial for the his country.Or has it? America has one of the highest immigrants till the time of the Obama rule.As soon as Trump came to power he has been changing the rules of the game dramatically.


He wants to restrict the number of immigrants to his country and make way for the local residents to make their mark in the job scenario.

He has tracked down the number of immigrant workers and has restricted the use number of immigrants to his land.


What does this stand for the other countries?


Other countries are soon going to benefit from this policy from Trump.Some of the countries are Australia,Canada,UK.

Trudeau has already jumped on the bandwagon to benefit from this policy.He has launched the Global Skills Strategy.


According to the Prime Minister this program has started taking off and it is experiencing a positive momentum.According to the Canada PM the project is more than successful than they had expected it to be.


What applies in this programme?


It is a fast-tracked one wherein one can apply and stay for as log as three years also apply for permanent residency.


Who all are included in this?

The bulk of the population comes from India,followed by China and France. This also makes up for the majority of the US visas issued in the H1B category.

Now the word is spreading fast throughout the Canada community and they are expected to soon gear up for the new founded member program.


A new innovation drive

Now soon the tables are turning with Canada rooting to be in USA’s place for the surge of immigrants.

It is just one of the another PM’S efforts to fast track innovation and scale up the boost to the economy.

What’s more the Government is also pouring in another millions of dollars to boost into venture capital and also support for artificial intelligence.


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