President Trump will soon sign the tax bill.What could be the effects? We take a look.

President Trump will soon sign the tax bill before he heads to Florida to celebrate Christmas later this week.

He will soon be signing a revolutionary tax bill,the after effects of which will soon be experienced by everyone the country over.

Although there is a wide amount of division among Republicans and Democrats on the passing of the tax bill.

It needs to seen that millions will be saved that if he signs the tax plan but around how much that is still unclear.


What do the tax bill indicate?


Trump’s council of Economic Advisers the changes in the Corporate tax changes could result in $4000 salary increment for the average American worker.According to the Senate Committees the final bill for a family of four will be around @73,000 which will get a tax cut of $2509 at least through the end of 2025.


It still seems to be seen that the bill has to be passed in on Tuesday before the final decision takes place.


What does it hold for the different parameters throughout America?




The tax changes will take effect from the next year which means that it will be applicable from the next year onwards.


But still its after effects will be seen much later in 2019 to get a break if they are due to one.


Medical Expenses


The tax deduction for medical expenses was almost half deducted but the lawmakers infused it in the bill and the change began in the early 2017.Medical expenses will deduct 7.5% of their medical income.It will but apply in the year 2018 but it will go back up to 10% after that.




The benefits of the tax bill has already been drifting towards the shareholders through the stock prices and which will anticipate a drop in the tax rate from 35% to 21% by only bidding up the stock.Working people will also benefit from it and could also lead to bigger dividend in the future.


What about new jobs?

More workers would now be hired but when the corporate tax is cut,firms increase the investment and capital expenditure and look to expand the future operations.

And to achieve the needful they need to hire more and more employees.


Business owners will also get a new benefit.A 20% deduction of their business income before the annual tax is calculated.The idea is to free up the capital before it goes to the taxes.


Things to consider before the new year


To benefit the most pay the property tax this year which are due the next year.You can do a through research before the payments mode and make all your tax payments earlier on this year.

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