Will BJP consider change in their policy executions after the Gujarat Elections?

All eyes are today on Gujarat as the state comes near the poll results.Politicians especially in Karnataka are keeping their fingers crossed as the states gear up for a fight between the two ruling parties i.e BJP and Congress.

While the ruling party is on for keeping its fingers crossed the opposition is too giving it a tough fight in a bid to win the Gujarat election.Karnataka is also keeping a close watch as the undercurrents in the state are still not clear as to who will win the final election.

However BJP party members are confident their party will pass the Gujarat exam as everyone is confident about Amit Shah’ election abilities.


What is the position currently?


It is still not getting clear from the updates till now that who is going to win the coveted seat.

BJP’s a little less than expected performance has been a kind of a different shocker and can have a relatively deep significance on India’s economy.


He has a penchant for radical reforms such as Demonetization,GST although there were some amount of negative impact on the economy.

The BJP had set a target of around 150 seats but it is still way short of the target and BJP wont undertake again a reform such as GST under the reformist measures.

As another drastic step like this can backfire against BJP and can have a major impact on the 2019 elections.



What do analysts say?


Rather than undertaking any new reforms the PM should focus on re-structuring its reforms and the previous infrastructure projects which they have undertaken.

Initiative should be on administrative directives and not on the new legislative reforms.

According to the other various analysts Modi should be elective about his various other projects and be in sync with both the populist and the reformist measures.

Also the GST woes are still not over and the late lasting effects of GST are still lingering.So it will be quite early to say the reforms are the best bet till date.


What will be the long term impact of the the elections only time will tell.Till then it needs to seen that what will the overall impact of the entire scenario of the whole GST and the reformative scenario.



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