No fruitful talks on the WTO meet!

The talks on the 11th Ministerial conference in Buenos Aires have come as a disappointment especially for developing countries and most importantly India.

The US which was also a major part of this meet has backed out its discussions on holding any concrete plans for the food problems in the world.


The conference which went on for four days ended without any solid decision and was unable to come at a consensus.

However it was not all blank and vain. The conference did make some decisions which were not that important but nevertheless made their mark.


Some considerable progress was made on





Why was a cons ensues not reached?


The main reason as to why a consensus was not reached was due to the fact that the US refused to participate giving an indirect blow to the entire conference itself.


This was also the reason as the 164 member organization failed to reach a concrete plan to tackle with the various issues involving food and various trade security issues.

The issue of food was mainly raised by India which was not even considered but ignored altogether.


Even after many rigorous parley es,hectic continuous meetings,lot of lobbying the team of different country members could not arrive at any solution.Moreover the main issue of food stock holding was not at all taken into consideration and was not given any importance.


To push for the security of food was a matter of big disappointment and nowhere could it reach a matter of agreement.


The Assistant US trade security said that they were looking forward to the matter and that India resolves its food matters immediately.The WTO General also expressed his disappointment over how the negotiations were progressed and also called for some soul-searching among the members.


Some of the decisions taken were in line with the ones taken before India has participated in the conference and in sync with the previous agreements.


Some other decisions which were crucial for the WTO conference were-


A work program me on the future was adopted calling for some immediate changes with effect to some strategic changes also.




The other ministerial decisions taken were not imposing of custom duties on electronic transmissions and also holding commitment to hold different negotiations in all the areas possible.


Some other issues to be taken care of are-




Investment facilitation



This group is not just known for the discussions but also for the varied discussions it involves and takes care of.


Without naming the US ,India pretty much explained its disappointing over the issue of not tacking food security and not presiding over it.


It also did not accept the stance to seek differential statement at the WTO AND asked for a legitimate dispention that it has to take care of around 600 million people.

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