How to slay the minimalist design approach?

Picture this-

You see an advertisement hoarding full of bright colors.Yes the colors are bright all right but you have just begun to appreciate the color combination but suddenly find too much of colors that you actually cannot make out anything from the ad.


In any kind of designing be it graphic,web or a print the minimalist approach will make it look good,sophisticated ans classy and most importantly it will convey your communication which you ultimately want to tell.


There are some pointers in any kind of design which you should keep in mind-


Pay attention to the colour scheme


Less is more


White SPACE is important


Pay attention to minute details


Omit unnecessarily things.


A minimalist approach is the one where you can capture the audiences attention with a strategic design.IT is all about converting your audience into prospective clients.


It is all about going the right way without interfering with the purpose of design.

Minimalist design is clearing off the the elements which you don’t require in a design and which can serve as a middle path in your way of communication.


But its not all that simple and casual one.A lot of thinking and thought process goes into this and there is a lot of planning involved in all of this.How you type or the way you print also matters a lot.

For e.g. – an unreadable typo will be a big dampener and will land you nowhere in the audience’s mind.




How exactly will you define a minimalist ad? Or what do you really mean by that?


The world is getting digitized.People now surf everything on their mobile phones and they want the accurate and correct information in the fastest way as possible.

An impact message with solid but strategic colors with no fuss graphic is the way to go.


Branding is also important


How you brand your advertisement is also important.What does your advertisement stand for? What does it convey? These are all the important questions you should ask when you want to convey something.

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