JK Rowling named British companion of honor.

Fantasy writer czarina, JK Rowling has been honour ed with The British Companion of Honor for her services in literature and philanthropy.


The writer who took Fantasy and Fiction to all together new level with her Harry Potter series and literally mesmerized kids and adults alike with her innovative writing,was honour ed today by Prince William.She is also the founder of Lu-mos Charity.

As for Rowling whose first name is Joanne has added another feather to her cap and her most globally recognized persona :The Companion of Honor.


She was presented this recognition at the Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.


Rowling said she was honored on receiving this award and it was really a most special part of her life.It was extremely motivating especially for a female writer and cannot ask for more.She will be holding this title alongside her OBE which she was awarded in the year 2001.


What is the British Companion of Honor all about?


It is an award given to men and women who have an exceptional national service,especially in the contribution and advancement of culture.It is also awarded to those who have a special contribution to arts,science,medicine or the government. It was a British Honorary Institution founded in 1917 by King George the fifth.


The services are recognized which are of National importance and which have over a period of time gained significant importance.


However the membership of the order is limited to only 65.


Some of the other distinguished personalities to be included in the British Companion of Hon our are-


Stephen Hawking


David Hockney


Paul McCartney


Maggie Smith.


It was a double celebration for Rowling-


This year it has been like a double celebration for Rowling.


Her debut novel,Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone celebrated its 20th anniversary during this Summer.She was also named as the most highest paid celebrity of Europe and the world’s highest paid author.Her net worth is around $500 Million and is one of the richest author’s on earth.


The Harry Potter series was about a boy wizard and his very unusual and different adventures which was made into a series of books.The series went on to achieve cult status and was one of the most sought after books which became an instant favorite among book-lovers in the 90’s .it became so popular that book lovers almost feel in love with the new and fresh approach to the fantasy genre as before that nobody has ever been written about like that in such a way.



The seed of the Fantasy series was by a fluke! According to Rowling.She was waiting for a train in London with her then boyfriend,and the train was delayed.It was during this time that she started thinking about this very idea and the concept of Harry Potter was developed.

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