Audi backs out to sell motorcycle brand,Ducati.

Automotive bigwig AUDI has made a major change in its investment and selling patterns.It has decided to back-out selling its Italian motorcycle brand Ducati.The move happened in a sign of confidence so that it is able to carry the costs of its transformation.


What is the move all about?


The main reasons to withdraw the selling of the motorcycle brand is as follows-


Reduce costs by 10 Billion euros.


Cut the red tap ism


Strengthen the ties with fellow Volkswagen brand Porsche.


Overall re-structuring of the organization for financial and strategic realignment.


So due to all these reasons chief executive Rupert Stadler said that there is economic reason to sell Ducati.


The move was started earlier on-


Its not that this move was suddenly taken into consideration.It was planned well in over the summer time and at that time only it has planned to take back the remaining models.


Why was such a move brought into practice


Investors of the brand and the management itself have long favored

Super car maker Audi

the plan of divestment to simplify the group structure and push through the various structural changes and gain the maximum through them.It has helped for the growing auto demand in the European and the US markets.

The move was also made into effect to shift from costly to zero emissions as well as autonomous technologies.


Alongside Ducat i it also owns the Italian super-car maker Lamborghini.


Some other big plans of Audi


Staying true to the digital era Audi plans to take big steps to remain in sync with the digitization.They will be spending nearly half a euros over the coming eight years or so to train the staff for the digital age and also hire experts,app designers and car robotics specialists so that it gives a big boost to the overall restructuring pattern.


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