New York on the Terror Radar again!

Terror has stuck America’s most happening city New York.In a suspected terror attack,there was a bomb explosion near Times Square near the Subway.


Who carried out the bomb explosion and how?


An unidentified man with a pipe bomb strapped to his body with the support of Velcro set of the device which incidentally injured him and three other people.He of course chose the morning rush hour to spark of the terror.


When and how did the explosion happen?


The explosion happened in long and elongated passageway which runs between a full city block under the 42nd street and between the 7th and the 8th avenues.It not just initiated terror but also blocked the passageway with a lot of smoke since t was crowded with Monday morning commuters.


The Police Commissionaire la belled it as an attempted terror attack.


The damage and the mayhem caused


Thankfully the person who was identified as Akayd Ullah did not manage to cause much damage and it was minimal.A four of the total injuries were caused keeping the loss of life to a bare minimal.According to Daniel Nigro only one was sever ley injured and the other people suffered very high headaches and ringing ears.


Details from the Law Enforcement officials further state that he was motivated by the Islamic Group with at the same time has no direct contact with the group.

He was a resident of Brooklyn and maybe of Bangladeshi origin.


Investigations are on


Investigation are going on in hot pursuit about the subsequent bomb explosion.The bomb according t the officials was a low exploding device.They are capturing the footage through a surveillance footage.


What was the exact intention of the suicide bomber is ye to be known.Police are still speculative whether e intended to do it in a busier location or was the underground passageway his only target.

The suicide bomber had various burns on his hands and abdomen and has also suffered injuries.


Further details of the blast-

The attack is being investigated by the Joint Terrorism Task Force.According to them there will be now increased Police presence in the city.

A low tech explosion device was attached to this body which was packed with explosive powder,matches and a nine volt battery.


However despite all this the blast was not powerful enough.


The aftermath of the attack


After the terrorist attack,President Donald Trump has called for even more tougher immigration laws saying America must fix its very lax immigration system and work on definite counter measures.


In Trump’s own words,’too many dangerous people spread out in our country and have access to almost ever thing.Something strict measures need to taken “.

Terror links have entered out country through family chain migration which is not feasible.Congress has to take action against migration and restrict the people entering.


New York is no stranger to Terrorist attacks and there have been a long and done history with the United States about the same.


There need to counter effective measures to uproot the very cause of terrorism and respond accordingly.

New YORK terror attack

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