The must have apps for all professionals

Smart phones have changed the way we communicate and the way we lead our lives.So much so that it has the power to influence our lives tremendously and bring a highly positive change in our lives.

However supporting to this there are subsequent apps also for you to use and at the same time gain simplicity and professional approach in your lives.

They make for a great leeway in putting your message across and give you a subsequent edge in writing content.


We note down some of the best apps for you to use as a professional and which will certainly be an asset in your professional lives-



This one’s a saver for all the Grammatical mistakes you will make.It correct your Grammar and saves the day for you.Even in the most informal of the mails grammar mistakes are a big no-no and will leave little interest to the reader.

Grammarly will help you eliminate the errors so that you can present an error free writing and it will help looking your emails look more professional.


Cam Scanner

The cam scanner in your mobile can make your pictures resemble the scan copies.It is of huge advantage when you have to send important receipts or bills.You just have to take a photograph of the Cam Scanner App while the rest of the things will be automatically taken care of the App.


In Shorts

Yes we know news is the most important thing and you do have a wish of going through it.But at times being a very professional you cannot have time to even go through a newspaper let alone sit at leisure and go through it.But fret not! There is now a new app for the news to you to have it on the go! An app called In Shorts is a news app which lets you scan all the important news in around 60 words or less.It also helps you read the news on the go.It has news from all the National and International sources.



It is an online educational website which is useful for all professionals.What’s more it also provides a certificate at the end of the course on completion of the course.

It is a best way to develop your skills in an economical way.


Ted Talks

One of the best knowledge sharing apps which impart expert knowledge training.Its not just informative but will expand your knowledge manifold by giving you an access of more than 2000 videos which will be highly informative and certainly be a knowledge addition to your profile.


The above listed apps can help you in more ways than one and be a guiding light if you feel you have been stuck in a rut.You can certainly use it to your knowledge and see the difference.


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