Transcational Emails and what it means for marketers?


If your business has an online presence say a website or a mobile app or any kind of product chances are that you must be sending a lot of transactional emails to your customers and prospective clients.

But it is more than a transactional email. It has a lot of welcome emails, password resets, the various order confirmations and some private info which is typically controlled by the backend team i.e. the IT department. As they are important the problem one faces while using these emails if often they are outdated and do not have a consistent customer service experience coupled with all your other marketing efforts.

Why are transactional emails important?

Transactional emails have a huge opportunity to create sales and generate revenue for your business. Also transactional emails almost have double the conversion and engagement rate than the traditional mails.

They also have an immense opportunity to generate lead campaigns, optimize the website and eventually boost your business.

What exactly is a transactional email?

Transaction email

They are the most highly engaged emails businesses send. They are sent to a particular audience using the company’s app or website. They are the most favored emails since they have the most target based content in these emails. However these emails look like just any other emails as most of them are controlled by the IT department of the company as mentioned above.

What types of transactional emails can be used to trigger your business?

To help upscale the level of your marketing operations and have an edge over your competitors, there are various types of transactional emails you should be aware of. We take a look at some-

Registration Email

A registration email is the one when you register on a particular website and (give in your details). Some of the most common examples are a welcome mail or an introductory mail when you sign up for a particular company.

Things to keep in mind for a registration mail-

Details about the credentials-Give people access to their own credentials. For e.g.-make sure to have information on how they sign in their accounts like the login ID or the URL.

Notification Email

A notification email typically happens when you do some activity online and if in case you have missed out on the further steps it notifies you instantly. Some of the common examples are a Face book notification, package shipping, and the most common of it by far password reset.

Confirmation Email

A confirmation email is created to intimate the user when a particular action when carried out by the user is completed. For e.g. – a ticket purchase information, a confirmation by your hotel room, a receipt.


Your Business is sending thousands of confirmation emails in a day. And it is very important that you do them in a particular way an also in a professional manner so that you can have that extra edge over your peers and other business partners. It is a way of creating a positive brand awareness and subsequently sales and revenue.

And if done right you can literally hit the bull’s eye. All the best!


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