How can you harness the power of social media in network marketing?

Social media has become the bread and butter of our lives today. One cannot imagine NOT using social media for any kind of purposes. Earlier it was a tool only for an informal means of communication but with its fast pace use it is no longer restricted to only informal means. It is fast entering the corporate world and is making huge strides in it.

Networking is an important strategy in staying in the run on the corporate radar. But then it should also be done cleverly and not haphazardly. Else you won’t be able to generate the necessary leads or develop worthwhile contacts.

How can you integrate social media effectively into networking?

This one’s pretty easy and no brainers but still there are some tips on making it perfect.

Use your profile picture

When you are expanding your reach you should of course put your profile picture and not any logo, or any other irrelevant photo. It won’t serve the purpose and it will make look unprofessional. While expanding your network people want to see you so that it creates the relevant impact and aids in the task of networking.

Know the art of Story-telling

Social media is not a shop to sell. Please do remember that. Social media is all about engagement and people asking about your business. It is also a means to create value for your business and generate the necessary interaction and awareness about your business.

Do not mention your company name on social media

This is very important. Social media as mentioned above is all about generating engagement and curiosity. If you mention the company name you indirectly eliminate the curiosity and the hype around it. If people already know your company name, they won’t take the efforts of searching it on Google. So what is the benefit of your company name appearing on the Google search engine?

It will lead to a wide range of audience and help crawl the Google pages, which will increase in the recognition of your business.

Have a Face book page

Face book has the widest range of audience reach. Having a face book page will you quick credibility and an upper hand in the market. People will notice you instantly.

Focus on building your brand

The biggest advantage of social media is to have leads come to you literally. Your brand is known for what you are. It is a way to attract like-minded people which will eventually recognise your brand and create a name for it.


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