Amazon launches in Australia

America’s retail big-wig has launched its footprints Down Under in Australia. It will be offering exciting products under its newly launched store and hopefully will ask consumers for more.

What’s more it will be offering millions of products online and with Christmas coming near it only need to be a matter of time that the response which the store will garner will be tremendous response.

The E-commerce biggie will offer a platter of more than 20 products which will include consumer electronics, apparels, accessories, sports. It will also offer free delivery on some products as well. The Seattle based retailer said it is looking forward to reach out to the population of Australia and deliver most of the products at a cost effective rates.

HOWEVER there are going to some challenges also on the way. We take a look at some-

The country is almost as large as USA .And it is home to just 24 million people. The majority of the populations (who are most likely to order online form Amazon) stay almost around 4000 km apart sky rocketing the delivery prices.

But even then there is no need to fret as most of the households in Australia shop online and launching of Amazon is only going to add to the deals.

Advantage Amazon

They are launching with a bang and are offering pretty good deals online but the challenge is to meet the expectations of the Australian consumer.

However it soon gets better from here on wards as Amazon will all set to launch and add new product categories next year on wards. This will soon lead to a rapid market share, which will soon lead to improve their shipping time. Also it will subsequently improve their relations with the manufacturers and dealers.

Amazon has been on a spree to expand rapidly in Asia.

It debuted in Singapore earlier this year while India continuing to remain a bigger priority. It is also soon set to launch a Prime Now RAPID delivery service with exclusive and selected merchandise which will come with a limited stock.


Amazon launch Down Under

Amazon is hoping to tap in on the Christmas season and offer a new breakthrough for the newly launched flagship store. It is expected to have a huge impact on the holiday season which is a critical time of the year.

The good part of course is there are warehouses outside corporate offices of big cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra  which the company over the time will create a lot of jobs if Amazon is launched which is be like a double boon.


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