Technology trends which will transform the world in 2018

There are tech trends which come and go, there are tech trends which come and have a significant impact but not so much as to create a strong impression and then there are other tech trends who come and transform the world significantly and the way we live.

Today we would talk of some of these trends only. We have a look at some of the mega trends which will dominate in the year 2018 and which will create a significant impact of the same.

Data and beyond

Almost all our lives today are weaved in a data pack and it’s only going to increase, Right from chatting to messaging, to shopping. It has only led to data explosion and an increasing ramification of data.

Face book has more than 9, 00,000 logins in single minute and more than 450,000 tweets are posted. With such unprecedented numbers we are most likely to increase the data penetration in the coming years.

THE IOT and its domination

The IOT is a major contributing factor in the penetration of data today. Major technology devices such as smart phones, smart devices are responsible for data synching and gathering of the data. Almost anything can be turned into a smart device no-a-days, right from television, mobile, to various other data.

Computing power has tremendously increased

Computing power has been double tremendously since its inception in 1975 and during 2015 it was at an all time high. The very base of IOT devices is possible due to the increase in computing power.

The Exponential rise of Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has made it possible to increase massive data increases and the computing power.AI will allow it to perform quicker and more accurately. It is a huge step forward and so computers can now undertake more and more human tasks at hand.

Automation is the way all over

More the penetration of the machines more the use of various data, process and algorithms has made it even more possible to give way to the mainstay of technology.



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