Holiday Shopping Scams you could fall prey to

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is over, but the holiday Season is still awaiting us with lots of fun goodies and exciting gifts. It’s that time of the year again when people literally throng the shopping malls for bagging the best deals online and make the most of the festive season.

But with technology entering our lives, this trend is fast changing with online shopping taking most of the center stage. Most of the shopping activity now happens online, with the attractive offers and deals one gets.

According to a survey done by a research firm, almost 80 % of the shopping activity will be done online on laptops, desktops, Smartphone and social media. While e-commerce is turning out to be a viable source of shopping what with sitting in the comforts of your home it also carries risk.

During the shopping and festive season especially scammers are all over the net since it is their favourite time of the year and also people can easily fall prey to the fake deals (check promo codes)

So how can you avoid the scams and not fall prey to it? According to consumer protection experts we should have a basic knowledge so as to be an informed consumer and not make uninformed decisions.

We take a look at some

The Gift card Scam

These are by far the most popular of the scams around. They are one of the most common gifting items due to their convenience and ease of giving. Also from the consumers side they allow you to sell your gift cards at a discount. So it’s a win-win situation from both sides.

But the problem with these cards is that sometime they are already used up or they don’t ever show up. This is because gift cards have a bar-code number when once exposed cannot be used up. And it is difficult to understand whether these cards are already used as scammers have various ways to counterfeit it.

The E-Holiday Card Scam

One of the meanest of online scams probably. In what looks like a nice gift wrapped present is a rude shock awaiting you once you open it.

These are like the digital holiday cards but are a way to rob you. There are various links attached to it for you to click and open but most often they are malicious codes. Once you open the codes it is likely that it will direct you to some malicious link and take all the important data from your computer.

The Corrupt Coupon Scam

There are millions of sites on the net which deal solely in providing the users discounts and coupon codes as they know shoppers are most likely to go for this trend.

The most common way of identifying a coupon scam is that most of the trusted coupon codes do not require to fill in the personal information. If at all you have to enter your personal info it watch out! It might be a phishing scam.

How to save yourself from online scams?

For Gift card scams go through a sale which has a clearly stated guaranteed policy and shop only on reputable sites.

Checking the website link is also another way of protecting yourself from the online frauds.


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