How to ace that Job Interview?

You are well qualified for the job you are applying, have an impressive track record of academic achievements and are raring to go for this job interview.

But is that all it matters to bag that job offer?

No it is much more than that. For it is not just about your academic skills but a lot goes into bagging that job offer.

They are people skills, presentation skills, communication skills and your emotional skills. However employers do not want to have a know-it-all attitude in the first meeting itself. There are some ways of course where you can hone your professional skills to bag that interview offer.

We give you some pointers on the same


No matter what happens be very punctual on the location of your interview. Not only it shows that you value time but also brings out your professional attitude. Also it will show your seriousness towards your workplace and also help you settle down once you reach there.


While it is a given that you cannot dress as though you are going to strut on a fashion show your attire should be simple at the same time it should bring out your smartness. Also it should be something in which you are comfortable and not conscious. Be careful of not wearing over the top or bright colours. Also appear neat and tidy.

Body Language

It is an indirect communication method but a very powerful one. While talking or explaining has a correct posture and a firm handshake.Be careful of knocking on the door before you enter, maintain eye contact, and do not stoop while talking.


It is often said that first impression is the last impression. Once you enter the interview premises greet the HR with a professional and a bright smile and a polite language. Also wear the most important attire, CONFIDENCE. It will instantly add to your profile and present a positive impression over the recruiters.

What not to do while going for a job interview

Reaching late

It is first big downer. It speaks loads about you and that you are not serious about the job and are really not keen on cracking it. While it is understood that you may get stuck in emergency it is always wise to call your recruiter and inform about the same. Your intimation will be taken as a plus point.

Dressing too loud

Very colorful dresses and shiny and clingy attire is a big no-no. It doesn’t put you on the professional path and can mar your professional image even before establishing it.

Having an uneasy body language

Talking too loudly, speaking in middle or an incorrect posture are all the ingredients of slipping away that job from your hands.

Saying too much even if you don’t know

You don’t have to be Mr. Know it all. There will be times that you don’t know certain things or will not know how to put forth a certain answer. At such times it is best to give an honest answer than talking something fake. It shows your upfront attitude and honesty.



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