Co-working Spaces the new work mantra

Picture this

You are a freelancer working independently on different projects and enjoy being your own boss. But you have your own office space, complete with the WIFI facilities, an air-conditioner, and yes your very own coffee machine.

Sounds unreal? Right! But this is the trend which is currently seen across pan India and it called the ‘Co-Working Space’ and it sure is a boon to the independent worker.

But one would say that a freelancer can anyways work in the comforts of their home which is at times more comfortable. Agreed.

But at home you have the fear of some amount of disturbances no matter what. But in a co-working office space the situation is different. You are in the comfort of a noiseless place and at the same time there is no one to disturb you.

What exactly is a co-working space?

It is an abstractly defined location where people from different business genres can work together and pay for a monthly membership fee.

So why the co-working is spaces trend catching up?

As mentioned above there are a lot of personal advantages of a co-working space. It is also a commercially viable option in the real estate sector.

It has various cost-benefit advantages and has infrastructural uses also.

Businesses are soon lapping up the new age phenomenon and are expected to grow bigger and better in the coming year.

Investments are going to increase

A recently released report suggests that the investments in the co-working spaces are soon going to gain momentum by around $400 million. Further businesses themselves will offer various co-working spaces which is predicted to get doubled by the year 2020.

Why is co-working gaining traction?

Creativity booster

Increases productivity

Flexible working options

Experiencing an organised and a synergised set-up with tremendous networking opportunities with fellow workers.

A breeding ground for start –ups

Urban Centric locations

Breaking down the monotony of the traditional office structure.

One of the biggest advantages by far is the emergence of the millennial in the professional world and the rise of the entrepreneur. The rise in the idea of start ups is also gaining momentum.

What are the co-working trends in the upcoming year? We take a look at some of them

Non-Conventional spaces

Cubicles are no longer the tried and tested option for an office. Collaborative spaces that create the casual feel are more the in-thing and leading firms are providing such spaces for the new age millennial worker

Four main categories

There are typically four main categories are cost, infrastructure and networking opportunities. The typical cities in which co-working is viable and will lead to lot of cost saving are the NCR, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

Co-working spaces are normally divided into

Internal Collaboration

Co-working membership

Internal co-working

External co-working

Co-working spaces

Connections and collaborations are the biggest advantage for a co-working space start ups. They provide you with the much needed flexibility unlike a traditional office space where you can be your own boss and make fun great fun.


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