Gujarat NRI’S reach homeland to boost BJP for the upcoming elections

It’s the most time of the year where the nations’ eyes are all set on the very important Gujarat Elections as the rival parties’ battle it out and make their way to the top win.

As the battle for power intensifies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be on a three day visit on his home state where he will address different rallies in different parts of Gujarat such as Kutch, Saurashtra, and Western Gujarat. Monday onwards i.e. the 27th of November, it will be his first rally which he will begin from Bhuj in the Kutch District.

But there are someone else who will descend on the Gujarati Soil to their bit for the upcoming elections and boost the BJP’S poll prospects to express their support for the party and Mr.Modi.

From where are these NRI’S?

Most of the NRI crowd is from the US. After that come UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. They are extending their unending support for the party and most likely the number is going to increase as the polls take momentum.

Why is the sudden rise in the support of NRI’S?

December season is the wedding season in Gujarat in general and throughout India all over. A lot of NRI’S visit India during this period which makes it an even more viable situation for the NRI’S to count in.

What role do this NRI’S play?

NRI’S mostly bear their expenses when they come to their homeland and for these kinds of reasons. Normally they are given various guidelines on how they will root or canvases for the party of their choice but most of them are well-informed about the same.

The party’s workers are keen to guide them but mostly are well aware of the developments which take place in and around their home state and are also familiar with the people and the geography. Some from the neighboring states are also likely to join these people and are likely to be posted where some of the businessmen have established themselves in the diamond and the textile business.

What is the reason for the NRI’S interest?

A lot of NRI’S are attached to their homeland even though staying for long outside the country. They are also very keen on the political developments which happen in the state and are also in touch with their friends through the net, watsapp groups and also emails.

It was an overall pleasant shock for the BJP when they received various videos and other publicity material through the medium of social media and who had so much from awareness from the NRI Diaspora.

Not just that there is a lot of enthusiasm among the party workers and the NRI community about the upcoming Gujarat polls.

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