The age of the AI and new Careers

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is going to be the next big thing in the coming years and is also going to be one of the most talked about. It is going to create a revolution of some sorts and all for the better. Soon everything will be automated for the better and give rise to a new pool of jobs in the industry.

Facts about AI

Around 21 new million jobs will be created as a result of AI and Robotics, which will soon give rise to the machine age and generate mechanization of things all over. It is predicted by the year 2030 Robotics and AI will soon become the most sought after job creations and will be the extreme opposite of human employment and will replace workers all across industries.

Is this the reason to worry?

This can be a reason of somewhat worry as it can replace certain worker jobs and may give rise to unemployment. It could affect the creative field too.

But it is also going to be a blessing in disguise.

Game changers AI is going to do-

It may give rise to a whole new job market

Machine learning is tricky but we humans can only make it an important part of our learning.AI can analyze and bring together the data but the human resource only can decide how a company or an organization will reply to that information.

So you see the final decision process will come down only to the employees alone and it will not be only in the hands of the AI alone.

What are the different jobs it will create?

Quantum Machine Learning Analyst

This is the job of a completely different analyst. The person will have the responsibility of the quantum machine processing which machine learning will make it faster and better. The final aim is to build the various intelligent systems which we can learn from this data.

Ethical Sourcing Officer

This is the area where big and important corporations decide and take important decisions on what’s ethical and not what is profitable money wise. The role of an ethical sourcing officer is very important in this. He will look after the ethical footprint of the company and looking after all the important money transactions.

A comparatively new addition to this area

Man-Machine Teaming Manager

AI will also depend on how humans and machines collaborate and work with each other. This will require a constant supervision by someone, and course at such times a human resource will only come into existence. He will be responsible for figuring out the strengths of the machine and combining them to make them finally very productive to the company or the organization.

So now we come to the harsh truth. It is quite likely that AI will soon take over your job and replace it with machines. But there is no need to get scared as yet. Channelize your skillet in the right way so that it can go hand in hand with the technological advancements. Because with innovative technologies companies would do want to also want to employ the right kind of people to handle these machines.






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