India leads the way in hiring woman Techies

The gender disparity ratio has always been a matter to think over. Normally any kind of sector of it so happens that male counterparts are hired in more numbers that their female counterparts. There still remains this unconscious bias towards male counterparts.

But India has a reason to rejoice. According to a recent survey which was carried out INDIA is doing far better than compared to other countries in hiring woman techies. And what’s more it is ranked the highest in the technology sector.

Some facts of INDIA’S technology sector-

It is the largest group of software developers only after the US.

It is among one of the three countries which makes super computers

It has 26% of women in engineering roles

INDIAN companies have one female engineer for every male engineer.

What makes India the largest market in hiring in the technology sector?

Almost 34 % of the workforces are women in the technology sector which makes it the largest sector.

So what are the advantages of having women in the workforce?

It builds team innovation. Women are more likely to bring in new work culture and foster feelings of new ideas.

Creativity is mostly a women’s domain. A lot of creative ideas can be brought to the fore by a large number of women in the workforce

Having more women in the workforce can also boost productivity which is an essential part of the work. Productivity if accurately channelized can work wonders and can be beneficial for the whole team.

Discussions can be effectively carried out by women participants than their female counterparts.

But none the less there are women who face barriers in the technology sector as and when they start reaching the pinnacles of success.

They sometimes face deep cultural issue and can have a hard task in balancing the work life.

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