Healthy Breakfast recipes to being your day with

Breakfast is certainly the most important meal o begin your day with. It gives you the required energy for the rest of the day to perform all your daily tasks. And so the breakfast must be of utmost significance packed with a lot of proteins and other essential vitamins.


INDIA is a land of variety. We have variety in culture, religions, and the way we dress up and talk. Simultaneously we have a variety in the way we eat. It is spread out in all the directions of India.So the next time don’t even think of skipping your breakfast when you have a lavish spread

We give you some breakfast recipes to begin with

Vegetable Dalia

It is the most preferred Indian food owing to a lot of health benefits and also is known as a great ingredient for fat loss. And what a perfect time than winter to begin your mornings with?

Vegetable Upma

Another popular South Indian Food snack it is packed with a lot of veggies and healthy stuff which will keep you healthy. The presence of the semolina will additionally make it more effective for you to have a healthy meal.


Thepla is the traditional Gujarati dish which is quite famous in entire India. It is made from wheat flour, fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves and turmeric powder. It is one of the healthiest recipes to begin your day with.

Sprouts Salad

One of the ideal snack dishes to make with poached or boiled eggs. It is rich in proteins and lot of other nutrients. And it need not be bland either. You can add black pepper and seasoning to make it tasty.

Vegetable Sandwich

Yes, the all time favourite breakfast. You can have it the Indian way with the staple chutney or the American Way with the Mayonnaise. You can include in it green leafy vegetables which will add to a lot of greens to it.


The all time favorite Maharashtrian speciality, this is a much savored dish and a famous on in the entire MAHARASHTRA and in most parts of India. It is very rich in carbs, proteins, fiber, and fats. What’s more it satisfies your tongue and you can also lose weight by consuming poha.

Palak Parathas /Puris

Palak or Spinach is very rich in Iron which is a must for our body to remain strong. Palak parathans or for that matter palak salads also provide the necessary nutrients to suffice for our body and if consumed in the morning they can make for a perfect breakfast dish.

Fruit Smoothies

Yes we all like milkshakes but they can be a little unhealthy at times. Replace that with a fruit smoothie which will make a meal healthy and the morning breakfast enjoyable for you.

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