How to do an effective product sampling in E-commerce?

Do you anytime remember finding a product of a shampoo sachet in your everyday newspaper? If you do then you ought to need to know what it is called. It is called as product sampling and one of the sure ways to market your product. E-commerce is fast catching up as your go-to tool for all kinds of shopping and different needs. On the consumer’s side it is proving to be a blessing of sorts with a plethora of options available just at the click of your finger.

But what does it mean for marketers?

Product Sampling in e-commerce for marketers is extremely essential and one of the easiest methods to market the brand and eventually increase brand awareness. At the same time it increases sales, builds customer relationship and at the same time increases brand loyalty.


Because you put something physical in the hands of the consumer which creates an instant impression on the minds of the consumers.

So why should product sampling be of significance?

It is a sure shot way to reach your product to the masses and engage the audience. For long free samples have been associated with grocery stores and the makeup counter but now soon the trend is shifting from consumer packaged goods to technology to apparels. Why has there been a sudden shift because of a number of reasons. They are

Identifying your most loyal customers

You can get feedback from them which can help you focus on which areas you need to improve.

Building the demand and the eagerness for a forthcoming product launch.

It is also one of the sure shot ways to help people get to start talking about your products.

It is also very important to ask yourself these questions when you are launching a product sample in the market-

What is the main aim of our product? Is it to increase the brand awareness or to sky rocket the sales figures?

Do we know our target audience?

Do we have a clear objective that what we want from our potential and existing customers?

How can we include the right people in our campaign?

From the above questions the last question is very important. You, of course want to make sure that the product reaches the right people and subsequently it gets marketed in the right way.

So to reach your product the right kind of people we give you some pointers on the same-

Begin with your best customers. They are after all your brand ambassadors.

Cross-selling a unique way

Every sales promotion need not come with the mandatory product and its know-how. You can also use a cross selling strategy. Promotional products in the side bar of the screen are a sure shot way of an effective product campaign.

Micro-Target your customers

Your target audience is important but micro-targeting your audience will be even more beneficial. Customization can go a long way and is beneficial for a building a loyal audience.


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