India all set for a makeover. Government to revamp Make in India initiative to boost jobs and GDP growth.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to embark on a new mission which will be directly helpful for India’s youth power and which will boost India’s growth rate.

It will push for certain policy changes in key sectors which will be conducive to trigger the process of job creation.

What is exactly the revamp initiative all about?

The Modi government will undertake certain initiatives on improving the approaches and emphasising on the various measures major five labour intensive and very high potential sectors such as leather, textiles, garments, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and automobiles.

Initiative by the Modi Government

Very important meeting have been conducted at NITI Aayog, to restructure the policies and put gear back in various labour intensive industries, especially for the auto industry.

Why the auto industry-It has been identified as the most potential sector having the maximum growth. About 10 million young working populations are expected to join the workforce according to the Data provided by the Ministry of Labour and Employment.

The Make in India program also has certain other initiatives under the scheme such as

Pioneering a unique scheme for labor intensive leather and footwear industry, along with textiles to increase the program of job creation and also boost the exports sector.

Other measures

The Government also plans to get over the problem of unemployment through equipping the informal economy sector also. It has grand plans of furnishing the ‘barefoot entrepreneurs’ which are basically from the informal sector.

These include

Kirana Stores

Tailoring shops

Roadside vendors

Businesses which provide the sundry services.

The Government has said that under the purview of their enterprise, these entrepreneurs will be given the adequate training to join the formal economy and which will be helpful in generating new jobs.

The NITI Ayog has also initiated two coastal employment zones to promote the exports and create jobs.

Some other views on Modi’s Make in India initiative

However some are of the view that Modi’s drive for creation of jobs in labor intensive sectors comes at a time when his party has faced severe criticism that they are not able to do much for the aggravating job problem India faces.

Modi government was not able to do much since the time they came into office and now they want to clean up this by undertaking these initiatives.

All of Modi’s campaigns, whether it is Make in India, Digital India, Swach Bharat Abhiyan if worked in sync can definitely be a big booster and to the entire economy and the technological push will also trigger a wave of advanced healthcare in India.

On a concluding note

In the long run consumer and eventually the citizens of the country will reap the benefits of Modi government initiatives. However to see the results the work must be done fast and accurately so that people can enjoy the benefits even more.



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