Children’s Day Special –Google celebrates the occasion with a unique Doodle

As India celebrates the 128th Birth Anniversary of India’s most celebrated and the First Prime Minister ever Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru, Google has also come up with a unique way of celebrating and fondly remembering our Prime Minister.

Children’s day is celebrated with much pomp and celebration all across India with special events and parties held for the little ones.It is one of the most celebrated festivals in the Indian tradition and on of the most important ones celebrated in schools.

The Hole Puncher and its importance

Yes it has made the unique Doodle of hole puncher. So what is the speciality of the hole puncher?

This humble product celebrates its 131st birthday today.

One of the most used devices in offices its importance has slowly declined owing to the rise in the digital technology. It is nevertheless one of the most prized possessions even today as it used for some office work papers.

In no time the puncher gained popularity and slowly it went from the office use to the home use.

When was the hole puncher introduced?

Mr. Soennecken introduced the German office supplier from the town of Remschied who founded his own company in the year 1875.

Slowly his products started becoming famous and soon gained popularity. The design of the hole puncher has also not changes much from its inception.

How can it be used?

It has the use of a lever and a spring system which allows the user to punch the holes with cylindrical cables through stacked sheets of paper. This design has also been scaled up to more number of larger machines which can use hundreds of sheets at one time to punch in.

What is the Google Doodle?

In the year 1998 the founders of the search engine giant Larry and Sergy drew a drawing behind the second ‘o’ of the word Google. It was basically drawn to give out a message to others that they are going out of office for some time.

A thought crossed their minds that now and then they should eventually decorate the logo as it was gaining popularity among the masses and everyone enjoyed the change in the Google homepage.

Slowly a turkey was added to the Homepage as also two pictures of Halloween were also added.

So this is how the concept of Google Doodle came out and now it is enjoying immense popularity among the people.


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