Book Swap Parties –The latest social trend! Are you there yet?

Picture this

You are an avid book lover with loads and loads of precious books stacked one upon another as you have finished reading them.

Yes you love your books to the core and cannot part with it because they are important part of your life after all. So what do you do?

Well, you keep on stacking them one after the above eventually gathering the dust on them and consequently in your home. But relax!  You are not alone. There are scores and score of book lovers all around you who are in the same place as you. And even they face the dilemma which you face.

What is the way out?

In such cases, Book swap parties are the ultimate way out and the fun way also.

What is a book swap party?

You can handover your books to another person who equally loves reading and exchange another book in return.

It is like a format of speed dating. If the person whom you gift doesn’t like it, you can move on to the next person.

Also you can new friends along the way!!!

So you see the benefits are numerous.

From where did this trend started?

This form of Book swapping is huge trend in New York and other major cities but is slowly catching up in Mumbai also.

How does it work?

You to arrive at the party with your desired book.

There is no formal dress code as such.

As soon you come you have to sit and pitch for your book. You have two minutes to pitch your book.

If you don’t like the book or the other person doesn’t like yours you can move on to the other person.

What are the benefits of this?

As mentioned above you make new friends, you gain knowledge from all corners. This in turn leads to a spread o culture and exchange of ideas among all.

Normally strangers meet and exchange ideas when they share a similar interest. It is like a breath of fresh air to actually talk with real people and exchange ideas on a platform which is very interesting and novel.

Why is this concept such a hit with the book lovers?

Book lovers are a crazy lot and they hate parting with their most prized possession. And why not?  Books are after all a man’s best friend right? They take into a different world all together and provide you with heaps of knowledge.

Moreover you can handover the most thing to a person who values it equally and not have the fear of throwing away simply.

The trend is slowly catching up and by the looks of it ,it is going to gain momentum in the coming years.



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