How to be the perfect host for the Thanksgiving Dinner?

Thanksgiving is soon coming and would you not like to be per-planned about the same so that you are the perfect host for your guests? We know it’s still some 20 days away but preparing needs a lot of time and if you want to be the perfect host you have to doubly ensure that everything is up to the mark and that the guests enjoy the dinner to the fullest.

From preparing all the perfect dishes, drinks, the different sweets, setting up table to finally cleaning up the dishes, it is a lot of work.

However, it is also a time to relax and sit back. Enjoy with your friends and family and of course actually, celebrate the event that you are actually thankful for. It is not just about food, appetizers and side dishes.

But then what about the host who organized the Thanksgiving dinner? He cannot enjoy the holiday as much as the guests since he has invited them over for dinner.

And so from this very dilemma came the concept of Pot-Luck Dinners where every guest will bring in one of the menu prepared from his own house wherein the host can also enjoy the holiday time. Not only that it is also a great way to share recipes and get introduced to a number of different tastes.

We give you some tips on organizing a great potluck dinner

The host has the largest number of duties went the guests are coming over.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Cleaning and decorating the house before and after the event

Decorating and setting up the tables.

Planning some entertainment (especially for the kids) and it’s also necessary else the kids will get bored.

And of course, planning the blessing (Plan for some unique ideas)

The Food

The main food is the Turkey and the host should be the in-charge of it. It is one of the main items of the thanksgiving dinner and it requires constant supervision. Also, it should be the perfect dish so make sure you thaw and brine the turkey prior to cooking.

The Guests Duties

Plan cleverly what each guest should bring and how much. Plan how many number of guests is there and accordingly plan the potluck.

Also, you can divide the guest dishes into appetizers, beverages and salads alongside a side dish.

Some Quick Dishes list to help you nail that Thanksgiving dinner

For Appetizers you can go for

Cheesy Dip

Spiced Nuts

Cocktail Smokes

Cheese Ball

Side Dishes

You can go for Mashed Potatoes, cranberry sauce, muffins, macaroni and cheese.


Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Cheese Cake


Apple Cider


Beer or Wine

Holiday Cocktails

Some Final tips for organizing a great Thanksgiving Dinner

Be prepared at least 2 weeks prior to organize the Thanksgiving Dinner.

Once you have nailed the menu down prepare a guest list.

Ensure that they will able to make it to the Dinner. Of course, you cannot force them deliberately by demanding whether they are turning up or not but you can at least pre-plan it in advance. Also emailing an invite is another option with a nice invite and

Lastly, be calm and enjoy the time. Don’t stress out and focus on appreciating the day for what it is.





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