Winter’s approaching –Take care of yourself and protect yourself from the pollution.

So everyone, with winter fast approaching and the dip in the mercury levels increasing day by day it’s time to take out your woollies and protect yourself from the chili colds.

You will protect yourself from the cold winds all right but what about the pollution outside, and on the roads? Winter is typically that time of the year when the levels of smoke penetrate in the air even more severely and give rise to a host of ailments typically such as cough, cold, fever and more severe such as bronchitis.

So what is this type of air pollution normally called? It is typically referred to as smog.

The situation is worsening in top metro cities and which are notorious for facing chilly and very cold winters.The Indian Medical Association is already worried and has hinted at a highly alarming rate of pollution levels in Delhi.So much so that it is soon going to declare a public health emergency in the face of it.

The state most affected by the effect of smog is DELHI and NCR. The typical effects are poor air visibility and a host of ailments.

In some serious cases, it can be the cause of accidents and very serious health issues.

What exactly is smog?

The word was coined by Henry Antoine where he presented a paper at the Public Health Congress in the year July 1905.

It is a dangerous blend of nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide. It blends with sunlight and forms ground-level ozone. It is in totality a mixture of solid and liquid fog and can give rise to a number of fumes which are extremely hazardous.

What are the sources of smog?

Automobile emissions

Chemical Plants and oil refineries

Internal combustion engines of motor vehicles

Burning fossil fuels and industrial plants

How is it harmful to your body?

Smog has a number of effects on your body and it affects you in more ways than one. We list down some of the effects-

It gives rise to asthma

It has an adverse effect on our lungs

Causes irritation in our eyes

Can give rise to chronic diseases such as bronchitis, and also reduces the body’s immune system drastically.

Considering the effect on smog it puts almost everyone at risk. But some of them are more vulnerable to the ill effects of smog such as small children, elderly and those who have a very low immune system.

However, you can, of course, take some precautionary measures to prevent yourself from the ill effects of smog.

What are the various precautionary measures you can take to prevent the effects of smog? We list them below

Do respiratory exercises regularly

Consume a lot of green vegetables those are rich in proteins and iron.

Wear a protective mask always when going out in crowded or traffic ridden areas

Consume jaggery to boost the immune system

Don’t ignore minor health ailments and pay immediate attention to them.

Avoid going for early morning walks as the levels of smog are the highest at that time.

Soak in the natural Vitamin D.


Winters are a peaceful time to enjoy the cold winds and take out the warm woollies but it can also give rise to a number of health concerns. A little precaution by your side can go a long way in taking care of your health.




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