One year of Trump-How has the US economy fared?

As the world looks on to one year of the Trump rein, all eyes are on the US economy and its report card. Everyone is eager to know how the world’s largest economy has fared under one the most debatable President’s the country has ever got.

Trump and the US

The US is the World’s largest economy according to the World Bank Data, followed by China and Japan.

Trump has completely changed the landscape of the economy and majority of the Americans have enjoyed the fruits of the higher wages policy.

We take a look at some of the Key pointers of the Trump Administration and how has it helped shaped the US economy

The first measure of the gains which the economy showed was the Employment gains under the Trump Administration. Trump’s slogan “Make America great again” was very rigorously followed by him.

He stressed on improving the labor reports and fixing the problems of a complex labor market. In Trump’s own words, the numbers are phenomenal and are only getting better. The unemployment ratio is at a 17year low and has gotten around almost 2 million injected in the workforce.

Also, he focused on bringing back the domestic manufacturing jobs and for that the steps which he will be taking accordingly are

Put the focus back on the worker re-training

Focus on vocational schools

He also aims to throw light on the rise of robotics

He also plans to set up a Federal Reserve and aims to maintain the stages of full employment.

The other policies which Trump administered were

The America First Energy Plan-

Trump announced that his administration would revoke the ‘Clean Power Plan’. This plan in initiated since it would repeal the Obama ERA limits on the Carbon Emission at the various US Power Plants.

Trump has also announced the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement

He has also promised to eliminate the Climate Action plan and pledged to allow more drilling on the federal lands of shale oil and the natural gas.

Sending the Illegal immigrants back-

Trump’s administration has always focused on the immigration policies and how to streamline them.

He promised to deport the illegal immigrants who have entered the country illegally and had planned to take strong action against it.

He is of the view that open jobs are available to the American’s first in the Silicon Valley. However, companies are worried that if the H1B VISA Program is threatened companies could lose the market share and d subsequently it would make leave the valuable employees.

Press for Smart Trade

In the Mid of August, the Trump Administration began renegotiating the NAFTA trade with Canada and Mexico. It is the world’s largest trade agreement, and Trump has threatened to withdraw it following that it will hit the Mexican imports severely with a 35 percent tariff.

Cut the Red tape

He also pressed for a number of unnecessary regulations to be eliminated and has also cancelled the executive orders which were set beforehand.

What do the Trump’s policies is going to project the future of US and ultimately the world needs to seen. Until now it just need to be waited and watched.



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