Upcoming Festivals in Rajasthan in November

Rajasthan, the land of royal palaces, and grand forts, colorful festivals, and wildlife rendezvous. It offers you interesting experience on a platter. What’s more the vibrant hues of the Thar are a delightful experience to behold.

If this was not enough there are some of the most interesting festivals for the tourists and the local people to enjoy and experience the true Indian Culture. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the month of November- December.

We give you a list of interesting things to explore In Rajasthan and experience the best of the things.

So let us soak up in the sun and get set to explore

The Pushkar Camel and the Balloon Festival

Held in the desert town of Pushkar, this festival is one of the most amazing experiences for one to explore. The fair has 30,000 camels that come under one roof which is truly a spectacular sight to look at.

They are paraded, raced and made to take part in various beauty contests.

The Hot air balloon festival is another interesting festival to experience and should be a must on your to-do list. It is celebrated from October 28 to November 4.

The Kolayat Fair

Traditionally known as the Kapil Muni Fair this event is celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm. But this fair just does not have a festive spirit around it but is also of a lot of regional significance. Many devotes visit the fair to take a holy dip in the Kanyal Lake. It is held from November 2 to 4

Rajasthan Kabir Yatra

It is a traveling music festival held in Bikaner which lasts for around 6 days. It also provides a platform for the regional musicians and artists. It is a must visit for all the people who love folk music because of its grandeur and joyful celebration. It also has certain elements of Sufi Music. It is celebrated

from November 11 to 16.

Rajasthan Festival


The Bundi Utsav

It is a melange of different types of events and is surely the highlight of the Rajasthan festival. The Shobha Yatra, traditional sports, cultural exhibition and the folk and dance program are all the highlight of this. It is held from November 6 to 8

The Matsya Festival

A two-day long festival held in Alwar a town in Rajasthan is the foremost of all. It truly brings out the traditional side of the rich Rajasthan culture and encompasses colorful glory all around. The major attraction is the arts and crafts fair and the folk and dance music program-mes. Also it is one of the main tourist attractions and so draws a lot of tourists from all over.


Rajasthan not just represents the deserts and the huge palaces but it also represents the rich cultural tradition of India which is very important to preserve and maintain. With colorful traditions deeply rooted it is one of the main tourist attractions.

So whenever you want to plan a trip be sure to plan it next in the desert capital of India, Rajasthan.


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