The New Watspp for Business –All you need to know

Watsapp has become an integral part of our lives and our daily communication. It is a very easy and convenient way to communicate and convey conversations very accurately and quickly.

Now it’s going to be good news for business people also. Watsapp is now not just restricted to informal conversations but also it can now be used for business conversations and interaction. If all goes well it is soon going to be a boon for business owners and their services.

What is exactly Watsapp for Business?

It is listed as Watsapp for Business app on the Google Play store which separates it from the usual Watsapp app.

The logo is also changed saying ‘B’ instead of phone sign.

The app was officially announced a month back and it is being tested for select small businesses in India.

The features

It has a number of interesting features for Business Profiles to set up the app a use it accordingly.

It comes with an interesting number of features such as

Chat Migration

Business Profile

Business Description

It is quite similar to the normal watsapp but it has two additional sections such as Statistics and Business Settings. Statistics section shows a total of the sent and received messages while the business settings let the users customize their profile and set automated responses.

We take a look here in more detail

Chat Migration

One of the most interesting aspects of Watsapp for Business is the chat migration window. You can use one phone and two apps which can very convenient for Businesses.

Use Multiple Accounts

Users can migrate their personal account of a business if they are not comfortable using the contact number for their personal conversations. Business owners can also register on the app using the landline number of their business making it easier for the users to use the personal account. This is a welcome change where otherwise owners would be bombarded with both business and personal messages.

Away Messages

A new feature has been added such as the ‘Away Message’. This acts as an auto response where any customer can send you message outside the business hours and you can customize it accordingly. You can customize it in the away message with the per-defined schedule. However ,this feature still has in its nascent stages.

Structured Messages

Watsapp for Business will now have Structured MESSAGES to facilitate an ease of communication between different languages. It is like an advanced message which contains information, text, images, various other trivia and the translation of the messages. Translation of the messages will be a big booster so that the users won’t have any difficulty in communicating a particular message.


On a concluding note

Both the features of Watsapp look and work in a similar way but some differences are evident such as the design features and UI layout. It will definitely be easy for business owners to use this different app and streamline their business process.


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