Food Trends which dominated in the year 2017

As we gear up to bid goodbye to 2017 and get ready to welcome 2018, we take a look at some of the hottest foods trends which ruled the industry.

India is one of the key food markets headed for growth and the overall development in the all the sectors of the economy has been very satisfactory. If it continues to perform at this rate it can soon become the world’s fifth largest economy by the year 2025.

And the major driving factor in this growth trajectory has been the Food and Beverages Industry.

The Scenario in India

India is a large consumer market dominated by a large urban population

It includes both the graduates and blue collar workers.

Added to that an increasing number of people have higher disposable incomes and who tend to spend the money on food.

Of course we being a country of die hard food lovers we are more likely to spend on food more for e.g.-on the income and the groceries as compared to the other countries. So considering the above factors .Food is already the major consumption driver which accounts for the country’s consumption market, so it all the more obvious that the Indian food industry is going to get bigger and better in the upcoming years.

So what were the major driving trends in the year 2017 we lead to such an upsurge in the Indian Food Industry?

Return of the Organic

India is already one of the biggest exporters of Organic Food and is steadily becoming a major consumer market as well. This is due to the fact that urban India is becoming increasingly Health conscious and focusing on eating healthy food. Also due to the availability of these products in malls, hypermarkets and traditional grocery outlets it is easier to buy them.

Home Based Chefs

Home Chefs are now tying up with restaurants and hotels so that their food reaches to a maximum number of people. The main reason for this rise is that a large number of people want to taste the authentic taste local cuisines with the local flavors.

Whole Foods

While the millennial are craving for different kinds of food they also want to eat healthy and keep a tab on your overall health.

The concept of health food has now shifted to fresh and unprocessed food. Refined food is now shifted to honey, jaggery, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Native Cuisines from Other CULTURES

The World is getting smaller and food has rightly played a role in it. Now more and more Indians are developing a taste for world cuisines such as the Belgian Waffles, The Tacos, Pastas and the Chinese cuisines. Such a huge amalgamation of cuisines leads to the expanding of the Indian Food market and opens doors to various markets.

From the Business Perspective

What does the INDIAN Food Industry holds for the Business players now that we have given our view on the consumers?

A large number of restaurants, fast food chains and international outlets have penetrated the Indian market and which has eventually led to the change in the consumer habits and changing tastes of the people.

Food trucks are a going to be a rage. With minimal investments and low risks food trucks are soon going to be the next big thing.

Food festivals are also the next driver of growth for the Cuisines industry where various brands can serve their customers and there is a mixture of different cultures.

The Food industry is scaling new heights and reaching new pinnacles of success. It’s only to get grander and bigger than before. Till then Happy Eating!



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