The Rise of Shopping Apps and M-commerce

Shopping online has become the new age trend for today’s tech savvy citizens. With the rising internet surge retail shopping apps are becoming the in-thing and it’s only going to get bigger and better.

Indians have installed up to at least two-five retail shopping apps on their smart phones.

According to the recent reports most of the shoppers find it comfortable shopping on their smart phones as they find it easy and readily accessible.

The categories which are in the forefront are



Health and Beauty

So till now the buzzword was of E-commerce but it has been replaced to M-commerce, thanks to the surge of smart phones, people now can shop online in whichever place they are and also on the go.

But it’s not just about installing an app and that your work is over. It’s also about creating a brand value about your company and personalization to bid on an equal footing with your competitors.

To achieve these, companies must use marketing eco-system and technology to fully tap into the potential to help shoppers find the product of their choice which is also according to their needs.

So what does the sudden surge of M-Commerce holds for brands and the future of shopping?


Apps should be developed as trusted platforms for shoppers to buy.

There should be a wide variety of products to choose from

An overall good app experience will improve their shopping experience and the overall opinion of the brand

Data protection and privacy should be the topmost agenda.

If there are any discrepancies then t can majorly affect the reputation of the brand and develop distrust for the brand.

Why is there so much of penetration of the m-commerce?


One of the main reasons as to why there is a drastic surge of installing shopping apps is the comfort it provides one while shopping. A person can shop literally anywhere he is, be it the comfort of his home or while on the go. Also there are a host of attractive offers on the apps which are a big booster to shop on the smart phones.

Wide range of products

A wide range of products can be browsed and selected as opposed to going outside your homes. A consumer can enter the price range according to his preferred choice and look for the various ranges of products.

Flexible payment options

The flexible payment options are a huge positive enforcement for the consumers. Online banking, mobile wallets, and cash-on-delivery are is encouraging consumers to switch to mobile apps to purchase the products.

Chance of making stronger connections with your consumers

Every smart phone corresponds to a single user. The information gathered while using an m-commerce app is on a personal level and is used to create a more personalized experience. In doing so stronger connections are build with your customers and also helps in developing the brand image.

This is only the beginning

The rise of mobile apps is sure going to the game changer and this is only the tip of the iceberg. It allows the businesses to be a better auditor of online sales and track and gather information.



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