How is Halloween celebrated around the world?

It’s that time of the year again! Yes its Halloween time. Popularly celebrated in North America and Canada its fame has reached almost all the parts of the world. And everywhere it is celebrated with the same enthusiasm only the ways are different. It is second only to the most popular festival in America which is Christmas.

Earlier Halloween meant only holidays and only a small celebration. But gradually the commercialization started around 1900 and along with it the popularity also increased and so did the different levels of celebration.

We take a look at the how Halloween is celebrated across the different parts of the world-

El Día de los Muerto-Mexico (Day of the Dead)

This day is celebrated every year on the 2nd of November. It is locally called as the All Saints Day or the All Souls Day .People put up different altars of the deceased and offer tributes. Smiling skeletons are a trademark of these festivals which makes it quite interesting.

Teng Cheih – China

In China food and water are placed in front of the photographs of the deceased and bonfires and lanterns are lit in order to welcome the spirits as it is believed that they travel down to earth during this time. Monks are invited to chant sacred versus.

The All Saints Day-England

In England there are different ways in which Halloween is celebrated. English children make small toys out of large beetroots in the way they want and carry it through the streets singing songs. In some rural areas turnip lanterns are placed on gate posts to protect the homes from the evil spirits.

Chuseok –South Korea

It is a three day festival in South Korea where people thank their ancestors for the good harvest. On this day the Koreans travel to their ancestral homes and perform the traditional rituals which normally take place in the morning.  Special rice is prepared called Songpyeon.

Halloween (Trick or Treat)-North America

Original celebrated in North America Halloween is a much fanfare affair in North America. Children dress up in peppy costumes and parties and other treats are planned on the weekends. Some celebrate by holding costume parties or creating haunted houses.

Halloween –Ireland

Originally the birth place of Halloween it is celebrated the same as much as in the United States .In fact it was brought to America by the immigrants of Scotland and Ireland. The events held are also somewhat similar. People traditionally celebrate with neighbors and friends. They also play a traditional card game. Treasure hunts are arranged with pastries as the treasure.


Despite the fact that Halloween originates from Europe not much is celebrated in the French countries as they believe that the festival is too Americanized and feel an imposition of the American Culture. Unlike most nations the French people normally do not celebrate it the traditional way as they consider it as an American celebration. They do not say trick or treat but say mischief or sweets.

Celebration or not Halloween has gained immense popularity world over. It is turning out to be a festival where friends and family come together to celebrate and spend time with each other which is very important.




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