LeBron’s status for season opener vs. Celtics still unclear

When it was announced the Cleveland Cavaliers would be playing against the Boston Celtics in the season opener, it was an intriguing match up because it took fans back to the time when the Celtics and the Cavs faced off in the Eastern Conference Finals.

“He’s got to see how it feels”, Lue told the AP.

A premiere piece that could be missing from the marquee game of opening night is LeBron James, who has played in just one of five preseason games after spraining his left ankle on the second day of camp. He missed 27 games during that stretch as well.

Lue added James was on the floor to go over some plays before getting in a cardio workout and some treatment.

LeBron reportedly sprained his ankle during a practice last month and aggravated the injury during the Cavs’ preseason game against the Bulls.

James has been relatively injury-free throughout his career and has never missed a season opener, and the 32-year-old has only missed 8 games during the 2016-2017 season, according to Basketball Reference. “He tried to come back and play and he might have tweaked it on that spin move, and that could have set him back a little bit”.

LeBron James has confirmed his status as one of the cheapest players in the National Basketball Association.

Over the past three season, James played more than 10,400 minutes between the regular season and playoffs.

“I think we’ll be a lot better off. I don’t care what he’s got to do, he’s going to play”. “We’re deeper. A lot of versatile players. So, it will be different but I think we have a better chance, yes”.

James absence in the season opener would surely be hard for the Cavs to overcome.

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