Microsoft, The Chainsmokers Create A Special Xbox One S That Lights Up

Microsoft and DJ duo Chainsmokers have announced a limited edition Xbox One S which will be given to one lucky fan who participates in the competition on Twitter.

Microsoft has announced that it will be making custom Xbox One S consoles with fan favorites celebrities and brands.

The custom Xbox One S created by The Chainsmokers brings “light and sound together”, according to the Xbox Wire, with the console aiming to replicate the experience of watching the DJ duo in one of their high-energy concerts.

If an Xbox One S that lights up is not something that excites you, you might be interested to know that Microsoft will soon be releasing more custom consoles.

For his part, Xbox marketing director Aaron Greenberg said this console is unlike any custom console Microsoft has ever made. The case of the special Xbox One S houses 60 miniature pixels that illuminate a multi-layered acrylic display of the chassis to create a light show with a 3D effect.

The music producers Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have been in charge of creating their own design of the console of Microsoft in a cross action with the company of Redmond with a very particular style.

Fans will have a chance to win the console by following the rules on the Chainsmokers’ Twitter account, which is sure to be quite the collector’s item for them. They seem intent to attract customers in any way possible in order to increase sales. Microsoft has taken a step forward in the second field collaborating with the deejays of The Chainsmokers and Xbox One S. Disappointed with sales, one Japanese retailer did something terrible to get rid of the unsold units. However, even being promoted as a movie player, it is doubtful that the Xbox One S can do better, given that the PS4 also plays Blu-Ray discs, and reviews are in favor of Sony by far when it comes to picture quality.

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