Two-thirds of American adults get their news from social media platforms

But among specific demographics, using social media for news has increased: “74 percent of non-white USA adults now get news from social media, up from 64 percent of that group who got news that way in 2016”, reported NiemanLab in an article covering the survey.

That represents a modest increase from early 2016, when 62 percent of Americans reported getting news on social media.

But the rise also pointed to the steady growth in the importance of networks like Facebook and Twitter for news.

A somewhat surprising find is that more older Americans are turning to social media to keep up to date with current events.

The research also showed about three-quarters of non-whites or 74 per cent, get news on social media sites, up from 64 per cent in 2016.

Those under 50 years of age remained more likely than their elders to get news from these sites – 78 per cent said they consume news on social media platforms, unchanged from 2016.

Pew found that 74 per cent of U.S. adults who use Twitter say they get news there, up from 59 per cent of the site’s users in 2016. In comparison, Facebook’s rate only increased by 2 percent.

Days after taking over the social media accounts of United States television network Home Box Office (HBO), notorious hacker group “OurMine” has hit again, this time claiming to have hacked Sony PlayStation’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

According to the report, Twitter was the most dominant platform for consuming news, with 74 percent of users claiming to get their news there, up 15 percent from past year.

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms, of course, don’t create their own original news stories, but do act as pathways to such content. Facebook dominates the rest of the companies in news consumption, as 45 percent say they get news on the site. The survey was conducted August 8-21, among 4,971 USA adults in Pew’s American Trends Panel.

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