Weather Service confirms tornado in Salisbury, Maryland; no injuries reported

The National Weather Service has not confirmed whether a funnel hit the area, but residents seem pretty convinced based on the damage.

Radar indicated a rotating thunderstorm passing over the city of Salisbury just after 1.30pm local time, and a student at Salisbury University posted a video on Twitter showing an apparent tornado on the ground (which has been since taken down).

In addition to the downed trees and overturned cars, the storm took down utility poles and damaged several properties. That building fell after open doors admitted the winds, the Weather Service said.

Tornado warnings were also issued Monday afternoon in the Berlin and West Ocean City areas and in St. Mary’s County, when radar indicated possible rotation in storm clouds.

“The 911 call takers that were screening those calls, their intuition, their instincts told them this could possibly be a tornado”.

Shipley added that there were no reported injuries. The tornado tracked northeast across East Salisbury University crossing Bateman St and E. College Dr before damaging a home on Rogers St. I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ The house was shaking and everything.

Media reports quoted eyewitnesses who said trees were split and cars were overturned. But neighbors were spending that time outside cleaning up.

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