Game of Thrones showrunners talk death of a fan-favorite character

All of the Sand Snakes are gone. Jon, heading South to ask for permission to mine Dragon Glass (the one thing that can kill White Walkers), and Daenerys expecting him to bend the knee. Game recognize game, the saying goes, and Olenna became a timeless legend, undefeated in hearts. She curses. This is why women wish they had Olenna Tyrell as their grandmothers and also why they want to grow up to be Olenna Tyrell. Her final words to Jamie turned the entire interaction on its head, allowing Olenna the upper hand even as she dies. They have decimated Daenerys’ forces greatly in just a few weeks. The bulk of the Lannister army marched down to Highgarden, so Grey Worm and his men have captured nothing but a mostly-empty castle with a fast-dwindling food supply. He dispatched of the Sand Snakes and took Yara captive.

The Unsullied find their way into Casterly Rock, thanks to help from Tyrion, and capture the fortress.

Cersei enacts another sweet revenge as Jaime passes poisoned wine to Olenna Tyrell, the last of Daenerys’ ally from Westeros.

The Sand Snakes weren’t excellent at making friends, but Tyene (the last remaining daughter) did manage to make one: Bronn.

Without her father to keep her in check, Cersei sought to strike against the Tyrells by arming a movement of religious zealots that arrested both Margaery and Loras.

And quite frankly, it makes plenty of sense. To add insult to injury, it will likely be her own doing as well.

It looks like we have waved goodbye to another famous face on HBO’s Game of Thrones, as Indira Varma has confirmed that she will not return to the show for the rest of season 7 (and beyond). She goes out with bite. And Bernadette has not only seen a lot, she’s outlasted some of the cleverest players in the game. He will stab her in the back when he feels it will benefit him. I think Ellaria was trying, through her gag, to appeal to her with this.

“When we initially cast Diana Rigg, we met with Nina Gold, our legendary casting director, and we had tea with her“, Benioff said. “They have a huge schedule and they have to get a move on”.

Well, that’s what just happened in tonight’s episode, “The Queen’s Justice“. Perhaps she has an even greater role left to play?

Jamie can certainly see it. A season later, good ‘ol Bernie was the on to tell Cersei about Tyrion’s secret lover, Shae. And she is unafraid to use that knowledge, as well as the common preconceptions concerning elderly women, to manipulate her way into power.

She also can not see how her behavior is pushing her brother away. You see, I had never seen the poison work before. Lady Olenna no longer had to worry over that issue by the time her final day had come. But she did not care, as she continued on anyway.

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