Menendez Weighs in on ‘Devastating’ Senate Health Care Bill

“Cassidy’s public statements have raised the most concerns and objections about the bill that passed the House and he’s been very clear in saying that he wants a bill that preserves coverage”, Jan Moller, director of the Louisiana Budget Project, said Friday.

The U.S. House of Representatives’ version of the Obamcare repeal bill includes a provision in which customers must maintain coverage or pay more, but Democrats argued that conflicted with Republican President Donald Trump’s promise to keep the guaranteed insurance provision of Obamacare. “Whether we have a hearing or not, this thing needs to be fully vetted”, he continued. If changes are made, the four senators said they would be open to voting for the bill.

The plan gets rid of those mandates. It would lower the income limit for receiving subsidies to cover insurance premiums to 350 percent of the poverty level, or about $42,000 for an individual, from 400 percent.

The legislation also provides more generous tax subsidies than the House bill to help low-income people buy private insurance. It would require Republicans to admit that because health insurance is so expensive in this country, Medicaid must cover more people than it once did. The political problem is that the Republicans have spent seven years criticizing ObamaCare for high premiums, huge deductibles and a hit to the middle class, but the GOP would make those problems worse for nearly everyone.

Now the tables have turned as Republicans attempt to make good on their years-long pledge to overturn the law. He said the second biggest lie is that if the GOP bill passes, premiums will go down.

The plan keeps some popular parts of Obamacare. To make up the difference, states will be forced to either increase their own taxes to fill in the funding gap, reduce the number of people eligible for Medicaid coverage, reduce Medicaid reimbursements to hospitals and other healthcare providers, or adopt a combination of all of these options.

Sen. Susan Collins of ME reiterated her opposition to language blocking federal money for Planned Parenthood, which many Republicans oppose because it provides abortions. Rand Paul (R-KY) said that his initial statement on the Senate healthcare proposal is that it “looks like we’re keeping ObamaCare, not repealing it”.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was urging Democrats to post stories on social media on constituents whose health care coverage would be threatened.

The Senate bill also ties its cap on Medicaid spending to the overall Consumer Price Index, which is generally lower than the medical Consumer Price Index the House bill linked the cap on spending to. The government’s share of these Medicaid costs would start to decrease in 2021, lowering from 90 percent to the regular federal share of 65 percent.

“The Medicaid cuts are even more draconian that the House bill was, though they take effect more gradually than the House bill did”, Pearson says. The Senate bill will begin to rollback Medicaid expansion in 2021 and allow states to opt for waivers for essential health benefits. Heller joins four more conservative Republican senators in opposing the current bill. Sen. “Compare this to the coverage of the original health care legislation, where it seemed every detail, every nuance, every fact, was covered extensively and debated very openly”. NPR’s Alison Kodjak begins our coverage. With the Congressional Budget Office unable to release its analysis of any GOP plan until next week, there might be only a handful of days between publication of the official scorekeepers’ estimates of what the bill would do to Americans’ health care and the Senate vote. “ObamaCare had bells and whistles on all of their policies”.

The AARP said Thursday it “adamantly” opposes what it views as an “age tax” on older adults that could result in senior citizens paying more for coverage. Avik Roy is a physician and founder of the conservative Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity. “The only people who are better off under their bill are millionaires and health insurance companies”. Also, the bill would roll back current mandates on individuals to secure insurance coverage and on some businesses to provide insurance coverage for employees.

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