Christy Clark to stay on as BC premier

The apparent outgoing premier, choking back tears, told a tiny, Vancouver audience that a “transition” in government “sure looks” imminent.

Talk about being a sore victor. New Democrats quietly assert that the Greens are too friendly with the Liberals, while Greens believe that the NDP is so anti-Liberal that it would rather work with Conservatives.

And take control, they will.

Meanwhile Cariboo-Chilcotin candidates Rita Giesbrecht (Green) and Sally Waston (NDP) were very happy with the news. And she has every right to call the legislature into session and face her foes.

“Well, there’s many ways to get to a different system than the one we have now, and many iterations of proportional representation”, he said, adding details are to be worked out.

He was on his way to an NDP caucus meeting meant to ratify the agreement. It should happen in public, as constitutional convention tells us it should. “Obviously, the house is an adversarial place but the energy I saw there was a positive energy about a couple people who have a lot in common who can work together”.

“The people of B.C. voted to replace Christy Clark”. And the NDP and the Greens should respect it, not mock it.

“We share a great deal with the Green caucus”, he said. But Spector admits despite the deal, the two parties are trying to balance on a razor’s edge.

The plan is to ban union, corporate and non-B.C. resident donations as well as limit individual donations.

“This room’s getting a little small”, he quipped.

Consider the issue of Lower Mainland bridge tolls.

The pair took questions about their plans for the province’s future, including what they intend to do about Site C, a project neither of their parties supported during the election campaign. Perhaps he understands that a portion of his electoral support was parked from the Liberals, either to send a Brexit-like jolt it did not realize would detonate or to send the party into the wilderness briefly.

While its agreement with the Greens promises only to “act immediately to improve transit and transportation infrastructure in co-operation with the Mayors’ Council and federal government”, Horgan painted the proposed 10-lane bridge as an unwanted one. An NDP government would put the project in front of the commission, and construction of the dam would continue during the review.

It’s not clear what the parties can do once in power to thwart a project already approved by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Here was Captain B.C., ready to defend the coast from dirty, Alberta bitumen.

The B.C. Green Party and the B.C. NDP have signed their Confidence and Supply Agreement, which includes stopping the expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, proportional representation and an increase in carbon tax. That’s another win for Horgan. The game is soon over, but she will take another swing or three for the fences – a return to the legislature with a cabinet, a budget, maybe a throne speech. However, once 1,152 absentee ballots in the riding were counted in late May, Tegart’s lead was cut to 592; slightly less than her margin of victory in the 2013 campaign, when the then-rookie provincial politician upset four-time MLA Lali by 614 votes.

But that’s only if the Liberals allow her to stay on as leader.

The BC Liberals have held power in the province for the last 16 years.

Ms Clark said she is unlikely to survive a confidence vote, but will not resign pre-emptively.

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